Movement is not something you do. It's something you are!

Shawn Myszka, CSCS*D, PES, SPS
Pro Performance Director at Explosive Edge Athletics

Let me formally introduce Shawn Myszka as Move2Thrive's newest "Movement Ambassador". Shawn understands athletic development at the highest level and their is no one in pro football that understands the importance of skilled movement and movement mastery more than he does.  He also understands that basic movement skills start early in life, and are necessary for longterm physical well-being regardless of athletic talent. Shawn is supporting our mission and I am excited to share with you his true passion for physical literacy.

At some point during nearly every presentation I give, I utter the statement: ‘everything in life is movement.’ With this being said we can add another piece: ‘everything in one’s life affects one’s movement.’ While running the risk of sounding obscenely biased, these statements are rather profound & indisputable, aren’t they? Yet so many across this world have seemed to brush them aside in their daily lives and have chosen to under-prioritize the meaning movement has to us as human beings.

This lack of prioritization is very unfortunate. Even though I work exclusively with elite level NFL players here in the United States, I see athletes each day who are lacking significant foundational & rather rudimentary movement capabilities. And every day I find myself asking: how can this be?! In a day and age where we have all the technology we could ever hope for as well as a host of exercise bells & whistles available at our disposal, how can something as important as an individual’s cognitive-motor programming for basic movement behaviors like locomotion and absorbing force (just to name a few) slip through the cracks?

My singular goal with my NFL players is to instill mastery in their movement behaviors and biomechanics so they are able to move in virtuous ways that become so proficient that it can find its way out onto the field. Ultimately, like any Movement Coach & Performance Professional, I want the athlete to develop the ability to perform at the highest levels with the greatest efficiency and a reduced likelihood of injury. Yet, when they initially walk into my door I am forced to first teach them how to be more cognizant of where their body is in time and space in the most general & global skills performed in slow & non-chaotic fashions. These very same movement patterns are many that I feel as though every human being should be able to have mastered to the point of automaticity.

Now, don’t get me wrong: movement IS complex. The ways the brain interprets & perceives the sensory information it receives from frequent changes within the environment is daunting…even incomprehensible to most. Additionally, the control of motor tasks is a constant problem-solving activity for the organism (i.e. the individual) and hundreds of moving parts within the human movement system. But here’s the rub: just because these ongoing & underlying processes are rather complicated doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t attempt to understand them or more importantly find ways to address them in not only athletes but across our entire human population.

Movement is NOT just exercise it's life...

We cannot remain headed in the same direction that we currently are. Instead, we must start to take steps each day to instill habits which will become the cornerstone for lifelong movement capabilities. These habits will then become behaviors. And those behaviors will become patterns that individuals will use to overcome the huge variety of motor problems that are presented to humans each day. It IS time for that kind of paradigm shift for a behavioral change of movement.

I want to thank Dr. Jeff Moreno for putting together this Move2Thrive community and allowing me to be a part of it. A group such as this is long overdue…one where unwavering passionate and energetic individuals from all walks come together for this all-important objective: to improve the movement competency and physical literacy witnessed by the human population.

And with that I leave you with these words that I implore each of you to think about: ‘Movement is not something you do. It’s something you are. It’s living, breathing, and moldable. Man is his movement.’  


Shawn Myszka, CSCS*D, PES, SPS
Pro Performance Director at Explosive Edge Athletics