Silicon Valley, California is the center of the world’s finest innovation companies. Here, new developments bring the world together in a press of a button. Here, in a press of a button, one can order a meal to there home, buy groceries, order a movie, meet their next date, and attend virtual parties. Those innovations make our life easier, thus we could complete more tasks faster and more efficiently. However, easier means not moving!

Silicon Valley is likely to be one of the most smoking free places in the world. Rarely will you see a smoker anywhere.  Yet, our environment of comfort makes us all a first-hand smoker. Assuming that sitting is the new smoking! How many cigarettes do you think that you smoke a day? Pay attention to your workplace for a day and measure the minutes you are sitting in the office, driving to work, taking your kids to school, eating your meals, spending time in the restroom, watching TV, and just surfing on the web (ironically this is what you are doing as you read this).

SITTING...It Can't Be That Bad For You?

Arriving to San Jose from Israel, people often asked me what is the biggest difference for you? Well, I often do not see people walking on the streets. Where do they hide? It seems as the area was designed for cars only. One of the first weekends I was in the Bay Area, I went out to a local bar and heard about a great Brazilian breakfast place, which was “5 minutes up the road from here”. The next morning, I started walking towards the place, and I walked, and walked, and walked and I never found the place. On later inquiry, it appeared that the person meant 5 minutes of driving. The fundamentals between us were very different! Our concepts of space and means of movement were very different. In order to change fundamentals, one must first change its’ own behavior, while influencing others. Please join the movement to change the fundamentals! 


Eitan Gelber, MA, ATC, CSCS, CMT
DNS Practitioner 
Senior Associate Director of Athletic Training
Department Of Athletics, Stanford University