La Sierra High School PE...1957

In 1957 there was no PE program more impressive than the one at La Sierra High. Their results were so amazing that the program captured the attention of President John F. Kennedy, who announced his famous challenge for America to make a "Great National Effort"  to become physically fit.  Excitement surrounded La Sierra's PE curriculum. Eventually over 4,000 schools across the nation followed this program.

 ...until PE programs were subject to budget CUTS and Kennedy's goal for physical fitness for our children was virtually forgotten.

This is the story of our grassroots effort to educate parents, school boards, education departments and politicians to bring quality PE programs back into schools.  This is the story of human potential and human achievement.  This documentary represents a revival of President Kennedy's Great National Effort. 

A group of film makers are creating a film to based on La Sierra's PE program in order to:

1.   Create a documentary about this incredible PE program.
2.   Use this documentary to create a national discussion about this program and the state of         PE in public schools.
3.   Bring back this program to schools.

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I hope that we will not find a day in the United States when all of us are spectators except for a few who are out on the field, I hope all Americans will be on the field.
— President John F. Kennedy