Kelvin Giles...Pioneer & Leader

Kelvin B. Giles MA, CertEd, AS
Former UK National and Olympic Track & Field Coach
Current CEO & Founder of Movement Dynamics 

Let me formally welcome Kelvin Giles as Move2Thrive's newest "Movement Ambassador". I am honored that Kelvin is supporting our mission and I am truly inspired by his words below. Please read and let's come together to discuss and share how to reclaim physical literacy in our youth. 

I am happy to support Jeff Moreno in his new quest to bring to the attention of the general public, Education decision-makers and sporting organisations the concept of ‘Physical Literacy’ and all the ramifications that its loss has befallen the world that we live in.

As a former PE teacher and high performance sports coach and administrator I have been immersed in recent decades in the complexities of community physical well-being and elite sport performance enhancement. To start the discussion ball rolling I would say to you all that you cannot have the latter without the former. It is beholding of us all to create an environment where a basic entitlement of all people is physical well-being. The ghastly lack of fitness in the younger generations which sees them at risk for long-term health is compounded by poor Physical Education delivery and some archaic practices in sports development programs as well as the advent of poor parenting.

Jeff has joined a small band of practitioners world-wide who actually ‘get it’ and this group is growing by the day. While we wait forlornly for decision-makers in Government and sporting Federations to question their assumptions and make deliverable and demonstrated change in knowledge, structures and strategies it may fall to this enlightened group to lead from the front.

By not faltering in our quest; not becoming further disappointed; not shirking our responsibility; and by pushing ahead with what we actually deliver in terms of exercise prescription, we may become the catalysts for change. We live in an evidence-based environment where, until the scientists deliver the numbers, no-one is brave enough to ‘do things different or do different things’. I have always believed that the best research is done by teachers and coaches at the ‘sharp-end’ where they experiment with practices every day to find an answer for the unique individual in front of them. If we wait for the scientists to confirm what common-sense tells us we could wait a lifetime for change.

I would strongly suggest that all who join Jeff in this quest shake off the shackles of ego and ‘quick-fixing’ and start to share experiences. None of us will ever have all the answers but every day that we try and share will take us a step closer to the aims that Jeff has recently expounded. The more ‘delivery’ components that we share, the more each one of us will build an arsenal of answers to the problem. We might just get to the stage when decision-makers will listen to the results you have all gained by a focus on movement efficiency, consistency and resilience.

All the very best,


Kelvin B. Giles MA, CertEd, AS
Movement Dynamics