Move2Thrive's Newest Movement Ambassador...Robbie Ohashi

I believe that we are all athletes in one way or another.  Through physical literacy children are introduced to and learn to identify with their inner athlete from a young age, allowing them to fully interact with the world around them, reach their athletic potential, and embrace an abundant life with several long term health benefits.  Sound educational programs not only teach children about the unique physiological system of the body known as the Movement System, but shows them how to use it and enhances their own ability to move.  This provides them with countless opportunities for character building, relationship development, and success in both sport and life.

As a Physical Therapist I have enjoyed the unique experience of assisting elite and professional athletes from a vast array of sports perform at their highest levels.  Through movement as our cornerstone and continued physical literacy, our athletes are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the tools they specifically need for optimal performance, preparation, and recovery, leading to careers characterized by durability, longevity, and good results.  It has been a blessing in my own personal physical literacy journey to be around and learn from some of the world’s best movement and manual-based therapists, and I am thrilled to contribute to the cause through endeavors like the Kinein project.


Robbie Ohashi, PT, DPT, OCS, ATC, CSCS
Founder Performance In Motion