Ever Wonder What Kids Think About Movement & Physical Education…

Artist: 3rd Grader at Local Elementary School

The following questions where given to a third grade class at a local elementary school on the Central Coast of California. I posed these simple questions to these wonderful kids in order to better understand how our current day youth feel and think about physical activity. Below is a sample of the answers given to the following questions. 

Question 1:

Do you think it is important to play outside, and have PE in school? Why?


  • “Yes, because it gives you exercise, gives you more energy and prevents you from injuries.”
  • “I think it is good for you because you get in shape and get healthier.”
  • “Yes, because PE makes you fit and active. Also, at recess some people don’t move around a lot.”
  • “I think it is important because you have the chance to stretch your body instead of sitting all day.”
  • “Yes, because PE helps you get stronger and it has fun games, it’s also physical activity and that’s important.”
  • “Yes I do because when I am outside I feel free and it feels good to jump rope all day!”
  • “Yes I do think it is important to play outside and have PE in school because it keeps you from playing the ipad, watching TV, and talking on the phone. PE and play outside is really good so you need to keep doing it.”
  •  “I think it is important to play outside because it helps you focus more inside after you play and let out your energy.”

Question 2:

What do you like about PE?


  • “I like it because you get to run, have fun and be free!”
  • “The fun of movement.”
  • “I like exercising.”
  • “Moving around and not sitting.”
  • “I like PE because I get to go outside and have a break from school.”

Question 3: 

What would you do to make PE more fun?


  • “I would want more PE and long period of time.”
  • “I would like if we did fun stuff like bunny hops and stuff around the track.”
  • “More exercises.”
  • “More free play.”
  • “Tell Mrs. D to challenge us more.”
  • “I want to make it more fun by jumping rope and fun games that help you exercise and have fun at the same time.”
  • “I think if PE were longer it would be more fun.”
  • “No more dancing!”

Question 4:

Do you think exercising, moving your body everyday, and playing outside helps you be a better student? If yes, why?


  • “Yes, because I imagined that if we had no PE I would feel very sleepy, impatient, and anxious!”
  • “Yes, because it would help your brain learn new things.”
  • “Yes, it helps you listen.”
  • “Yes, because without exercise we would have a ton of energy and get crazy, and our bodies will fall asleep in a bad way.”
  • “Yes. If we didn’t have PE or dance, we would be going CRAZY!!! When we have PE we get our blood pumping through our body to our brain.”
  • “Yes, because you might go crazy if you don’t get exercise because exercise is good for you.”
  • “Yes because we would be more calmed down in class.”
  • “Yes, because I feel so stretched out so much and it makes me so alive.”
  • “Yes, because if I didn’t I would be a bad student, talk a lot, mess around in my desk, and not pay attention.”
  • “Yes, because I would get so tired and I would not be able to think."

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.
— Benjamin Franklin